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Welcome to AIR for Timisoara 🇷🇴

Purpose and motivation

The “AIR for Timisoara” [AIRTM] project is an independent initiative which aims to:

  • sustain the Cardano [₳] project in the decentralization effort
  • raise awareness in the local community abouth the quality of our air

Currently the quality of the air in Timisoara is determined by the data from only 11 sensors, which are not fairly distributed in the city.

We plan using the rewards generated from the AIRTM pool, to acquire as many Sensor NodeMCU SDS011 as possible.

The Air Quality Sensor can measure and report:

  • presence of dust particles in the air - PM 2.5 and PM 10
  • weather information - temperature, humidity and air pressure

For each sensor, once the steps of flashing, assemble and configuration are done, we want to engage with the community and give the sensor into “adoption”.

The data from all the sensors will be centralized and made public using the platform.


We plan to pursue the authorities to create programs and events to reduce the pollution and teach the people how to pay more attention to these aspects.

We ask for your support, you can make a difference with a small gesture.